The countdown for ( the end of the ten - day) deadline


Abadi new candidates exposed to (stoning) various accusations before their arrival for (chairs) ministries and more to come !!
Deputy accused of heads of blocs put conditions to block the vote on the cabin and the revolution reforms may enter (the fridge)
He wrote editor

It seems clear that the political landscape in the country is going to more complex, especially in light of the collision of the new ministerial cabin made by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to the presidency of the parliament on Thursday in order to be considered and voted upon after (10) days from the date of delivery and the first sign of rejection cabin new are the charges that may be invoked against candidates lost a parliamentary source familiar with that candidate to the Ministry of Displacement and migration, Labour and social Affairs and the fulfillment of Jafar Mahdawi he said was one of the Fedayeen Saddam and got a badge of Jerusalem and the identity of friends in the era of the former regime, while announced the Education Committee of parliamentary non-acceptance of the candidate Ali Saleh al-Jubouri to fill the position of the Ministry of Education attributed the reason he ousted former from the presidency of the University of Tikrit reasons did not disclose clearly and referring to the Education Committee in Parliament that she hoped to be a minister of education from the womb of the ministry while detecting the Commission services and reconstruction parliamentary member Tawfiq al-Kaabi that the candidate for the Ministry of transport Yusuf al-Asadi has He refused to take his post as minister of transport, considering that the position is not in their respective fields, noting that al-Asadi expressed his rejection of the position through personal contact and indicated the Commission services and reconstruction in Parliament that al-Asadi is currently dean of the College of management and Economics at the University of Basra lies expertise in monetary policy and not in the field of transport and communications on in a related MP said the coalition of state law, Ahmed Kanani said Abadi, we put in a downward spiral and he should resign from his post for spurning chances of reform, he said Abadi must be bold and decisive citizens are demanding services, security, etc. We have now been through a political slider seriously either the National Alliance MP Mahmoud Hassan has He favored the political blocs commissioned representatives in the parliamentary committees to reject candidates for the new Ministry of ministerial cabin provided by Abadi to the House of Representatives, stressing that the rejection of the committees of the candidates is not binding to the House of Representatives accused the MP Alexander and berries some of the heads of political blocs trying to block a vote on the new ministerial cabin provided by Abadi pointing that most deputies do not follow the recommendations of the heads of blocs on the vote on the new cabin while the confirmed leader of the Kurdistan Saadi Ahmed beer support Union ministerial cabins new condition to achieve partnership truth and not be imposed, and in conclusion, we call people .. all the people should be aware of the historical role and still clutching the option of change inevitable and not waste opportunities and trying to circumvent the will of the people and the development of reforms in the (refrigerator) .. .. Vhmar beware.