Faylis Kurds (Shiites) demanding the abolition of their demand for a review of foreign nationality Division of General

April 7, 2016 18:57
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Chairman of the Faili Affairs Council Haidar Hisham Feeli stressed that "In spite of the issuance of the Federal Supreme Court Decision No. 426 of 2010, which was considered what he suffered Kurds Faylis of genocide (Alginoseid) and get the resolution on the Iraqi Council of Representatives authentication, but it is with regret successive federal governments are still yet to apply vocabulary for compensation and re-Iraqi citizenship and modify the title of tribal and remove the bad effects of their law. "
Feeli He noted that "the Ministry of Interior still limit today recommends a review of the Faili Kurds foreign individuals Division for citizenship, and that's what did not accept it and call upon the government to abolish the notorious Division."
This came during a ceremony organized by the central, last Saturday, the Committee of the Faili Kurds Affairs Council in Wasit province, the local administration hall in Kut, on the occasion of Martyr's Day Feeli.
The member of the provincial council of the reporter News Network Wasit that "this celebration comes recalling the most notorious attack racist genocide suffered by the Faili Kurds in Iraq, which caused disappears over / 23 / thousand young Iraqis through mass executions in secret prisons of the former regime, in addition to pain mental and physical to the families of the martyrs' families, especially mothers and fathers. "
The Kurds have been subjected Faylis Shiites during the rule of the Baath fascist forms of murder, persecution, deportation and stripped of their Iraqi citizenship.