Call to activate the consumer protection law

April 7, 2016 19:13
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Director of the Center for Market Research and Consumer Protection Dr. Salim Saleh Al-Tamimi declared the need to coordinate the work of the authorities to curb out large amounts of money to import materials produced locally as possible and provide the currency of the country difficult.

The al-Tamimi told I followed news agency Buratha need to activate the Iraqi product protection and support to provide a level playing field with the importer, as well as the activation of the tariff which it operates all over the world to provide real support to the industry and national production.
He pointed out that the theme of the competition enters the supply and demand and the price difference if what we have reduced these differences citizen will resort to search for the finest industry and the least expensive, and this would be provided by domestic product after the activation of the tariff.
He added that the center is ready to provide for the regulation of the import process studies, but this alone is not enough unless all sectoral bodies cooperation committees concerned such as the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and others to contribute to the achievement of financial abundance of not import what can be produced locally.
Tamimi pointed out that there is a Council for Consumer Protection has done so far, but that the consumer protection which was approved in 2010, the law did not do so now as well, if the citizen bought merchandise corrupted or damaged, it will protect him?
He said if we encouraged agricultural production of fruits and vegetables production quantity of the imported ones will decrease the other hand, will increase the proportion of the workforce and less unemployment, with the possibility of agricultural development of the process, noting that the establishment of the food and dairy production plants, which are easily made, as possible to fill a large proportion of imports is justified from this materials.
And the center plans and Consumer Protection to 2016 Market Research Tamimi said that the continuous center establishment of seminars relating to consumer, production and services, explaining been Tnnzim seminar over the past month on marketing services and its impact on sustainable development and rationalization of consumption with the participation of multi-state actors as well as civil society organizations and the Ministry of Health and the University of Baghdad The seminar addressed the issue of the situation of services that affect citizens in and out a number of recommendations have been submitted to the relevant authorities.
He pointed to a seminar this month, the application of standards in the laboratories of the center as well as other activities studying phenomena that occur in the Iraqi market and consumer concern, such as high prices, the scarcity of materials, local product support as well as the work of Statistics for all local market phenomena.