Council Salahuddin al-Jubouri, resigned for not taking responsibility for the post

agreed Salahuddin provincial council, during the emergency meeting on Wednesday to accept the resignation of the governor Raed Ibrahim al - Jubouri , from his post made ​​by on Tuesday. The deputy chairman of the Council of Salahuddin province, Faisal Hamad al - Jubouri, the network Roudao media, said that "Raed Jubouri Salahuddin Governor submitted his resignation because of his inability to take responsibility for the position, as well as to make way for others who have the ability to resolve disputes and problems between the families of the town. " he said the Deputy chairman of the board of Salahuddin province, he said that" the strongest candidate for the post of Salahuddin province , is a former governor Ahmed Abdullah al - Jubouri (Abu Mazen). " It is in the 23 - member Council of Salahuddin province , voted to accept the resignation of the governor out of the members of the council's 29 members, and select the Council next Monday, to present candidates for the post of governor.