The Supreme Council of: Tomorrow demonstrations in the provinces and al-Hakim called resonant reforms

- APRIL 6, 2016
BAGHDAD - Qusay, Monzer

ISCI organize demonstrations in the provinces on Friday, where the boss Ammar al-Hakim called reformist program description Palmdoa, criticized the Sadrists Disclaimer blocs of support for Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi action steps vowing to come to its leader, Muqtada al-Sadr. The MP for the Supreme Council for the Mona Ghorabi yesterday that the (Council assesses each year a day to the memory of martyr Mehrab participation of all political forces and will include 14 provinces). She said (al-Hakim will deliver a speech and loud bursts belong to political affairs and the process of cabinet reshuffle and reforms in general and the initiative recently launched). For his part, MP for the Liberal bloc Majid Jabbar Ghraoui yesterday that (the subject an internal matter for the Supreme Council, but is required of all the political blocs to be supportive of the reforms). Adding (there was a vote of the political blocs in parliament includes support Abadi, an initiative to form a government of technocrats away from partisan interventions which happened otherwise actually wrap the blocks to vote in addition to the existence of a drive to some of the blocks to disrupt the reform project to keep the ministries and political gains). He explained that Ghraoui (al-Sadr said in the case of non-Abadi's commitment to forming a new government would be to go to the cabin to withdraw confidence from him as well as a lot of other positions). Following up (there are several steps will be announced in the coming days). To an examination of the parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri, with the President Fuad Masum, the developments of the political situation. A statement received by the yesterday that (the two sides discussed the security and political situation also discussed the importance of the reform process and meet the aspirations of the people in accordance with legal contexts). Jubouri also discussed with the President of the National List, Iyad Allawi ministerial reform and program file. The Jubouri called on parties concerned to seriously and work together to reach a formula meet the criteria that have been developed to form a technocrat government. He said a statement received yesterday that (al-Jubouri discussed with leaders of the National Forces Alliance developments in the political situation, national reconciliation and reform). Calling (parties concerned to seriously and work together to reach a formula meet the criteria that have been developed to form a government of technocrats). He promised MP from the Union of National Forces Abdul Rahman Alloizi rejection of parliamentary committees to candidates for the ministries is not binding on the Berlman.oukal Alloizi in a statement yesterday that (al-Jubouri instructed the parliamentary committees to study and evaluate the CVs of candidates for the ministries), indicating that the (Ray possible committees of Parliament to benefit from it but it is not binding of the deputies because an advisory opinion), stressing MP for the national coalition Naif Shammari said chairman of the parliament decided to climb Abadi to discuss the change Wazzara.oukal Shammari said in a statement yesterday that (chairman of the parliament held a meeting with the heads of parliamentary blocs and they resolved climb Abadi) he called chairman of the Committee on economy and investment parliamentary Prime Minister Jawad al-Bolani to claim the presidency of the Republic to dissolve parliament in preparation for early elections, indicating that the dissolution of parliament will be according to the constitution. Bolani said in a statement yesterday (due to the insistence of the parliamentary blocs to reject the list technocrat government, I invite Abbadi demand from infallible solution to the current parliament and resorting to early elections to maintain the political quota system). The infallible had discussed with the head of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki developments in the political and security situation and file the ministerial reforms and adjustment. And the head of the Turkmen Front MP Arshad al-Salihi said that al-Abadi has not delivered the nomination of the Minister of the Turkmen government within the selection Aljdidh.oukal Salhi said in a statement yesterday that (al-Abadi did not abide by his words and his promise which he made to give the Ministry of the Turkmen). The Patriarchate of the Chaldean Church in Iraq has demanded Abadi involvement of Christians in the cabinet reshuffle.