Brent up to $ 38.64 a barrel
{International: Euphrates News} Oil prices rose during Wednesday's trading driven by hopes of reaching global oil producers meeting in Doha to freeze production rates at the January level.
By at 12:39 Moscow time futures rose ore {Brent} Global rose 77 cents, or 2.03%, to $ 38.64 a barrel.
Stepped up US crude futures rose $ 1.01, 2.81%, to $ 36.90 a barrel.
Oil prices recorded in the previous session higher, supported by remarks the representative of Kuwait in the Organization {OPEC}, which expect to reach an agreement between producers to freeze production rates in Doha scheduled for April 17 / April of this meeting.
it is noteworthy here that the "producer countries of oil from within OPEC, and abroad will meet in Doha; to complete the discussion of freezing crude oil production rate at the level of the month of January last. "
Russia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela mid - February last agreed, to freeze production rates, provided, however , join other oil producers of this agreement .
Qatar and said that " the initiative received the support of about 15 of its member states, and non - members of OPEC is a production together about 73% of the total global oil production."
and trying to oil - producing countries through this initiative to support oil prices , which have fallen about 70% since the mid 2014; and because of the glut in the oil supply in the market.
the decline in crude inventories in the United States was supportive of prices of black gold, where data from the American Petroleum Institute on Tuesday showed a decline in crude stocks rose 4.3 million barrels for the week ending on the 1 of April / April, to 530.1 million barrels, while analysts expected to rise 3.2 million barrels.