Vice: The delegation of the Kurdistan region to discuss the reshuffle with Abadi
[Wayne - Baghdad]
deputy said the Kurdistan Alliance, that the Kurdistan region delegation will visit Baghdad soon, will discuss the reshuffle with Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi.
The MP said Bakhtiar Shaways in a press statement that " the Kurds of Representatives awaiting the arrival of the Kurdistan region delegation for talks with al - Abadi about the cabinet reshuffle," he said . " The delegation will arrive in Baghdad in the coming days."
He added that "dialogue between the parliamentary blocs on the new cabinet line -up continues, and committees continues to evaluate candidates for ministerial positions, "he said . " most of the candidates have been rejected by the relevant committees. "
on the Notes Kurds on the cabinet reshuffle, Shawis said," We are for reform and change, but we have a couple of comments, first must determine the Kurds candidates on the basis of the evaluation and selection Kurdish blocs, and the second is the cause of change minister because supposed to know the reason for changing our ministers, and whether they were corrupt? or incompetent ?, noting that the delegation region , which will arrive in Baghdad to discuss these Almlahzitn with Abadi. "
The vice president of the Kurdistan Regional Government inhibited told on Wednesday, said a delegation from the provincial government will visit Baghdad soon. "
Talabani said in a press statement that " the visit aims to find out the direction of the situation, "adding that" the Iraqi political forces engaged in a serious discussion about whether the old government including the problem or new. "