Former oil minister is published about corrupt deals oil contracts to try to targeted sector in Iraq
Wednesday 06-04-2016
| 1:12:23

Twilight News / Counting the former Minister of Oil Abdul Karim and coffee on Wednesday, the report published by the Australian and American institutions on corrupt deals oil contracts to try to target the oil sector in Iraq.

He and coffee in a statement responded to the Twilight News, said that "everything has been introduced from the lies and untruths intended not to offend and defame Mr. Shahristani only, but the oil sector, the reputation of distortion in general, and comes as part of several attempts to stop the march of this sector and obstruction of plans and programs of the mighty ministry, which aims to Iraq is at the forefront of producing and exporting countries of oil and its derivatives. "

"The cadres of the Ministry of oil and over the past years been keen on the implementation of major projects through the referral of such projects to international companies sober and well-known has been the implementation of those projects the best international standards and periods of record and Bklv record as well, and all could review all the priorities of these projects to confirm that."