MP Abdul - Salam al - Maliki calls for the president to freeze the work of the parliament after reneging on the implementation of the demands of the masses

2016-04-06 02:00:31 | (Voice of Iraq) - Statement

The member of the House of Representatives for a coalition of state law , Abdul Salam al - Maliki, Wednesday, President Fuad Masum , to freeze the work of parliament, after he proved his failure to implement the demands of the demonstrators and the insistence of some of the block on the repudiation and giving priority to their interests on the expense of public interest, warning revealed the names of the political blocs and its characters who work behind the scenes to bring the benefits of personal gain at the expense of the Iraqi people.

Maliki said in a press statement by his press office, said that "the House of Representatives deserves granted a patent on the new heresy to refer the names of the cabins cabinet to the parliamentary committees to decide on the experience we have not heard previously in most democracies in the world, where he received what was expected to show most of the candidates from those Committees look incompetent and the obvious reason is that those names not serve the interests of party and factional. "

"The parliament also seems singing out of tune like in the world and the demands of the masses and the religious authority in another world and still insist on sharing the cake is the biggest them concern in a clear challenge to the Iraqi people, therefore this situation and its continuation will make us obliged before God and the masses to expose those names in front of media media Ki simplex works for his service and those who want to climb on his shoulders citizen knows. "

Maliki has called for the president in his capacity as guarantor of the Constitution of the political process in the country to "carry out its duties and that moves more firmness and strength to freeze the work of the parliament after failing to meet the demands of protesters and most of the mass of the insistence on giving priority to their personal interests and partisan public interest."

Information Office of the Deputy for a coalition of state law
Sheikh Abdul Salam al - Maliki