American company holds the demining of the Islamic State in Ramadi

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - A diplomat, two US officials said on Monday that a specialized American company would remove the explosives and trained Iraqis to remove any mines planted by the organization of the Islamic state in Ramadi, the largest city Tantzaaha by the Iraqi forces.

And caused hundreds of improvised explosive devices that were planted in the streets of Ramadi and premises in delaying the return of half a million displaced residents of the city, which lies 100 kilometers to the west of Baghdad since Iraqi forces restored with the support of US air raids three months ago.

According to the United Nations and by the governor of Anbar capital of Ramadi that the small number of Iraqi experts, whether military or civilian trainers to remove the explosives have slowed efforts to restore security. The killing of a number of technicians by snipers.

The Iraqi government has caused a lack of resources also restrict their ability to secure areas that are recovered from the Islamic state and its reconstruction, including the cities of Tikrit and Beiji and Sinjar in northern Iraq. And it will represent the demining operations pivotal first step to restore civilian to a lot of these areas.
The United States said on Monday it has allocated five million dollars to the contract signed with Jonas Global Inc., based in Tennessee, America, which describes itself as "the world's largest commercial management of munitions and mine clearance."

Said Alan Weekly chairman Jonas Global said in a statement that the company has experience working in difficult circumstances, including work in Afghanistan and Somalia.

He added, "Jonas began at the beginning of this week the transfer of equipment and people into Iraq to do this effort and begin to remove these risks as soon as we can."

Weekly and explained that the company changed its name Monday to Jonas Global from Sterling Global.

A US official told Reuters that Norway also agreed to pay five million dollars and is expected to provide another five million from other partners in the coalition led by the United States against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

A senior diplomat in Baghdad confirmed the signing of the contract, adding that Iraqis and foreigners, will take part in demining activities. It was not clear to any of these countries belongs to foreigners.

Never set foot Coalition advisers are helping the Iraqi army land of Ramadi during the battle, which lasted for months to restore the city. A spokesman for the alliance said its troops would not participate in the protection of the company Jonas, which is expected to include about 40 individual teams.

Suhaib al-Rawi said the governor of Anbar that a team of international experts arrived in Ramadi a few days ago and made reconnaissance missions.

She returned about three thousand families during the past two days, to areas cleared of mines and explosives. But they are dependent on electrical generators and pumps water from the Euphrates River near anticipation of restoring public services.