A member of the parliamentary Economy: five loans trillion dinars vulnerable to waste due to corruption

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A member of the parliamentary Economy: five loans trillion dinars vulnerable to waste due to corruption
[Oan- Baghdad]
He warned of the economic and investment commission member of the parliamentary Mamouri proof of "the consequences of wasting money within the central bank's own initiative to support industrial and agricultural projects to the private sector amounting to five trillion dinars."
Maamouri said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that "a lot of previous initiatives which wasted hundreds of billions of dinars did not achieve their goals because of the corruption that accompanied these initiatives, particularly with regard to the agricultural side."
He added, "The most powerful personalities in the Agricultural Bank still manages this process despite the failure that has plagued these initiatives in the past and that bellowed big money because of mismanagement and corruption that accompanied her," noting that "the committee will check each file are lending and follow-up on the ground, whether whether agricultural or industrial or residential. "
He pointed Mamouri that "the initiative is important to move these sectors, which will be reflected in the form of productive projects reduce imports in addition to finding jobs for the unemployed, but past experience leads us to take real guarantees to each loan and be a real project benefit the citizens of the country in general."
The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has ratified the ninth of last March on the mechanisms of lending for housing fund loans, the central bank's five trillion Iraqi dinars.
According to the mechanism of the distribution will be loans to the provincial distribution of the adoption of the standard population ratio of 80% and a standard degree of poverty of 20% for each province, and the amount of each loan, including no more than 50 million paid to the beneficiary in two installments, the interest rate of 2% after one year grace one of history the receipt of each batch.
These loans are granted for the purposes of construction and the addition of construction and grants as well as for those wishing to purchase residential units in investment complexes, as he gives to rebuild housing units because of the devastating terrorist attacks.
The term of the loan to 10 years are recovered in equal monthly installments within the prescribed period.