Financial rejects parliamentary candidate Abadi, the Ministry of Finance for not presenting his autobiography
News Source: Ali Abd al - Salman
April 5, 2016
Financial candidate Ali Abdul-Amir Allawi

Said a member of the parliamentary finance committee, and the Kurdistan Alliance MP, Abdul Qader Mohammed, the rejection of his committee candidate, Prime Minister and Finance of the Ministry of Ali Abdul-Amir Allawi, the absence of his autobiography with the rest of the candidates who presented them Abadi to parliament last Thursday, and among that there is talk of a revolving about it holds more than one nationality, the government refused to sign cabin fully by the masses.

He said Mohammed told I followed news agency Buratha rejecting ministerial cabin provided by Ebadi became the preponderant accepted not by the alliance only, but of the rest of the blocks after that most of the committees of parliament rejected names that were put forward Ktknuaqrat.

The Commission announced Displacement and Migration in Parliament on Monday, she made a formal objection to the presidency of parliament to merge the ministries of immigration and labor ministry one, as asked the candidate to the ministry interview before deciding on the recommendation of a final on them, it has shown that this character may have experienced development and management but they did not work in the field immigration, according to her autobiography.

It is noteworthy that the Committee on Youth and Sports parliamentary formally rejected Akil Mahdi's nomination for the assumption of the post of Minister of Youth and Sports after the last proposal of merging the Ministry of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Him, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on 31 March 2016, his booth to the government and the parliament speaker, who declined to give them a deadline of ten days to consider names and curricula vitae submitted by giving them the confidence hangs in the executive management