The judiciary and the integrity discuss speeding up the resolution of the files of corruption
BAGHDAD - Al- Sabah
discussed the expanded meeting between the President of the Supreme Judicial Council Judge Medhat al - Mahmoud and head of the Integrity Commission , Dr. Hassan al - Yassiri and representatives from the Office of Financial Supervision and inspectors general, the subject of speeding up the resolution of corruption cases according to the law, the presence of a number of federal judicial authority figures.
A statement issued by the flags of the judiciary , yesterday, that the meeting resulted in a full coordination between the judiciary and the integrity Commission about the recent press reports about suspicions of corruption mechanism affected oil contracts approached the embassies of countries where newspapers published the reports for documents and information in order to make appropriate decisions in application of the Convention on the fight against corruption , which Iraq signed. The statement quoted Mahmood judge, confirmed during the meeting the need for cooperation between the supervisory authorities concerned in order to speed up the integrity lawsuits resolved according to the law, pointing out that the Integrity Commission is to complete the procedures all about Alakhbarat brought before them before they are forwarded to the judiciary, and promised to implement the Commission requests as far as it competence of the judiciary. For his part, Dr. Yasiri meeting was described as coming to strengthen the bonds of cooperation and coordination with the judiciary in order to fight the crime of corruption, stressing that he arrived to fruitful results, calling for further cooperation and joint meetings, particularly at the current stage, pointing out that the work of the Commission on Public Integrity is focused on the task and large files in order to take proper role.