War .. Minister may dismiss the former and give confidence subsequent single vote

Dated: Tuesday 05/04/2016 7:34

Tariq Harb
legal expert
Commenting on the words expressed by the other, about the dismissal of the current Cabinet, and give confidence to new candidates, in their stead, we say that the parliament voting power to approve the dismissal of the current Cabinet, or some of them, and the vote of confidence of the candidates as ministers or some of them, rather than the first two in a single vote, and hold one ,
Repetition is not required and the return on each minister be sacked, and every minister is appointed, where possible demand from members of parliament .. and as follows (who supported the dismissal following Wazzra names .. so and Minister of the Ministry Doe and so minister the ministry Doe ..), and to another minister two articles, also followed by, say, (so and so appointed as secretary of the Ministry of Fulani and so as minister of the Ministry of Doe ..), and so for all the names that are meant dismiss.
All names to be assigned to a parliamentary vote of one and telling one .. yes or no, not individual vote on the dismissal is required, the individual and the vote of confidence, recruitment, and this is what we can say it in accordance with the provisions of Article 76 et seq. Of the Constitution, noting that there is a parliamentary precedent large , where he was voted the budget of the year 2008 Act, and the amnesty law No. (19) year 2008, the provincial law No. 21 of the year 2008 only one vote, and did not recur Altusit on each law separately, and this is what he was called to vote on the basket legislative.