MPs call for "support" investment housing projects


Baghdad / Muhannad Jawad

MPs called for the National Alliance and a coalition of national, Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives to provide material support to solve the housing crisis in Iraq, and in the absence of an enemy that the investment environment highlighted the problems of investing in the country, confirmed that skepticism and distrust accompanying projects in the country.
The MP said Ibrahim Bahr al-Ulum said in an interview to the (long-Presse) on the sidelines of a ceremony held by the National Investment Commission for the delivery of housing units keys for the first meal of the registered at the headquarters of the project Basmajh housing, said that "the government and the House of Representatives to provide maximum support and seek to resolve the housing crisis in Iraq ".
He called Bahr al-Ulum, the government to "provide financial support for large residential projects," and urged parliament to "the adoption of the necessary legislation."
The National Alliance MP expressed hope that "the implementation of large projects in all governorates of Iraq as a Basmajh residential to eliminate the housing crisis." For his part, MP for the National Coalition Kadhim al-Shammari said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The establishment of the special large projects as a project Basmajh existing legislation, but Iraq is suffering from the investment environment."
Shammari said that "The other problem facing the investment is not to activate the laws up to this moment to create an investment environment", criticizing "non-application of the single window in giving the investment license," returned him at the same time, "open the door to corruption, the fact that the investor will knock more than door and this will not be free because he will be subjected to blackmail. "
And on the stirring suspicions of corruption on the draft Basmajh residential Shammari said that "skepticism and mistrust exist in any our step in Iraq," calling the Investment Authority and Hanwha company to "continue the project done on schedule to be the best answer to the skeptics integrity of the project."