Tourism needs to infrastructure in the center and south

5/4/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Hussein al - Tamimi Tgb
continuing claims to develop the tourism sector for all his joints, and invest the elements of success of this important economic joint that can achieve significant financial revenue for the country in light of the relatively high number of tourists in the archaeological and recreational tourism field.

Competent affairs of tourism Hassan Ali Abdul Karim said Iraq owns sectors tourist unique addition to availability of the elements of the success of this field and converted gradually from local to regional and global, especially the presence of features specific to global religions and this is one of the most important incentives for foreign tourists to visit continuously, which requires planning soon to promote this important sector and income - generating .

He said in an interview (morning) that expand the fiscal revenue has become a necessity to diversify resources and tourism is one of the most important themes of this trend, pointing to the importance of orientation towards the activation of the archaeological and recreational tourism activity in southern Iraq , where it provides a security environment that helps establish an effective tourism sector achieves significant economic feasibility of the country, pointing out that most of the provinces have the important archaeological sites in the world.

He urged Abdul Karim on the need to work towards the establishment of tourist resorts on the sea , similar to the countries of the world and invest panoramic part of this sector , which attracts large numbers of tourists, stressing that the establishment of cities tourism in this place to achieve great economic success, especially with the presence of orientations for the establishment of a global economic city in the Faw area and this attracts companies from all over the world and some of them meant the archaeological areas.

He noted the need to expand infrastructure tourist in the marshes near the archaeological areas that can are attracting tourists from all over the world who want to see the first civilizations in the regions of the globe, as well as the marshlands that have the ambience and nature may not be available Supreme tightness in world scale.

Abdul Karim pointed to the existence of tourist experiences now on a small scale can be activated in the near future , where tourists from around the world visit the marshes and express the splendor seen in these areas, pointing to the importance of investing this opportunity and extend it to double the number of tourists.

the students work on building infrastructure for these areas , taking into account all the foreign tourists who come for these areas requirements, where required it 's building a sophisticated hotels and rest houses inside the marshes, as well as the center to meet tourism demands in these areas.

He urged the tourism that will achieve significant economic feasibility for Iraq by attracting tourists and activation of traffic on a large scale development, as well as moving the craft industries which is famous for the country and the valley Rivers and this in turn does the local economy in all joints movement.

Abdel Karim said: that the tourism private sector needs to coordinate with relevant government institutions in this regard to find speed up the development of tourism in Iraq mechanisms, especially that Iraq has a special segment has a good experience Ptvoaj foreign tourists as well as domestic tourism

He pointed to the importance of finding moral support to tourism companies registered and do not let the phantom companies working in this detailed important.