Antoine: application of the customs tariff and behind this success

4/4/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Shokran Fatlawi
Vice President of the Economic Forum, an expert on behalf of Jamil Antoine revealed in his speech for »morning», for the sales of one of the industrial companies, for the manufacture of cement rose in the first ten days of March last to 140 thousand tons, up from its sales during the month of February 35 thousand tons as a result of the application of legislation, particularly the customs tariff, and prevent the import from neighboring countries, pointing out that the quantities can be increased.

Financial savings

He went on saying that this is nothing more than a model for the rest of the industry, as the industrial sector a significant contributor to raising the gross domestic product (GDP), as well as being a major reservoir to achieve financial savings and employment, especially the available industries material aid, as an industry leather, and industries construction, petrochemical industry, food industry.
He added that to encourage the import of raw materials and to provide an appropriate environment for the industrial sector in an integrated procedural package, including the provision of electric power in industrial areas a minimum of 8 hours, as well as creating the infrastructure of these cities, the age of retirement of the law and ensuring remunerative for workers in the private sector and in particular the industrial sector, sponsor alleviating the burden of work in the state sector and the transition runs smoothly organized and high from the government sector to the private, and thus improve the Iraqi industry.

Economic You

Antoine explained that several files introduced for the purpose of the advancement of the Iraqi economy in light of the current circumstances, with the simultaneous scarcity of areas to get a rare coin, noting that one of those files, to achieve the industry's important slogan «Made in Iraq». Noting the need to pay the state industrial sector is particularly important as achieving very issues in importance in the forefront of running the largest possible number of manpower and reducing poverty rates, as well as being a substitute for random for many goods that were originally manufactured in Iraq, whether in the private sector or from imports mixed good qualities and meet the needs of the market and serve the country's economy.

International standards

He added: It is noteworthy that the cement product in the Iraqi laboratories with international standards certified by the company «France's Lafarge», the longer allow the import of cement and entering the country without taxing it is surprising and demonstrates the lack of planning
And mismanagement.
Meanwhile hinted House of Representatives member of the militant al-Moussawi that the same mistake was repeated in the production of transformer plant in Diyala, which produces electrical energy converters world-class certified by the company «Siemens German» and cheaply However, the Ministry of Electricity to buy a Saudi energy converters origin lower quality specifications, calling on the government to impose taxes on all imported goods and to support the Ministry of Industry as produced by its plants and factories and sell their production in the markets and to require ministries to limit the purchase of the local product.