Virtue: corruption in the final accounts of the Government in 2007!

Last updated: April 3, 2016 - 9:38

BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq , said MP from the Bloc virtue Abdul Hussein al - Musawi, today, reservation Virtue block on the final accounts for the year 2007 indicating that the reservation was to the presence of ancestor has not been settled and did not reveal cashed in and Adh.ozkr Moussawi resources in a statement today: " We declare our discretion to vote on the final accounts for the year 2007 because it included a mysterious resources needed to release and more detailed to check the safety of disbursement procedures and efficiency and conformity with the law and standards of transparency and integrity "He pointed that" the report is included in advance it is not settled until 31/12 / 2007 Office of the same financial control has stated that he had not seen and did not rudiments known and justifications for such advances resource Exchange, "adding , " and may have proposed restricting the requirement of approval of the final accounts for the year 2007 to provide revealed a detailed report on the doors and such advances allocations Exchange to scrutinize the legal resources disbursed . "He said al - Moussawi said" taking Bmguetarahna will represent an important step process in real reforms because it includes the interest of public money and control over the disbursement of resources , and safety procedures . "the House of Representatives had voted during its meeting today on the final accounts of the Republic of Iraq to the budget in 2007.