Begin to remove the temporary bridge up in the Grand Mosque

Saudi official announced it decides to begin removing the temporary bridge up the Holy Mosque in Mecca on Sunday to complete removed before the holy month of Ramadan.
General President of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet 's Mosque, said Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al - Sudais said in a statement yesterday that " the removal of the temporary bridge up comes after most of the development to raise the capacity project parts the end of the destination for 107 thousand visitation.
He added that the removal of the bridge also come to the availability of access to customized tracks to perform the ritual circumambulation project starting from the level of the dish of the day and ground and first floors and floor the first mezzanine of took shape as well as the need to complete the re - establishment of the old porch in deferred sites because bridges linking up the building and two bridge up.
Sudais said , "he has been holding workshops and frequent meetings by the relevant authorities the relationship to develop an action the court a plan for phased removal eventually bridge that will begin Sunday. "
He stressed that the work to remove the bridge will be on the clock and a day to finish it before Ramadan this year , " an investigation of the highest level and maximum facilitation and facilitation of Cassidy Grand mosque and leads Umrah and visiting their rituals easily and conveniently and safety and security and peace and tranquility. "
he said Al - Sudais" that the bridge led mission established in the previous stage with all the success and excellence , and now that the expansion eventually swing and put him over the planned duration of use , and there is an essential need him to cause a continuation of blocking the vision of the Muslim sacred Kaaba. "
he explained the capacity of the level of the dish of the day after the completion of the removal of the bridge up to 30 thousand visitation per hour in excess of the current status of the dish of the day and two bridge which amounts to 20 thousand visitation at the time.
He called earmarked for the elderly and people with special needs vehicle users to take advantage of the alternative paths bridge the day and that has been configured in floors up the building and follow the instructions the relevant authorities in the entry and exit to and from the circumambulation paths to achieve the comfort and safety of pilgrims and visitors.