Monthly income to people with disabilities equal to the salaries of staff

BAGHDAD - Wafaa Amer in line with the continued support by the government to poor and vulnerable groups, despite the current financial crisis, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs revealed granted a monthly income to people with disabilities and special needs equivalent to the salaries of staff.
Director prime with the Bureau of disability and special needs of the Ministry of Labour Fadel waterfall stated in a statement to «morning»: the private law body care for people with disabilities and special needs includes all of the sponsors are disabled, that have a monthly income equal to the salary minimum employee.
he added that if the breadwinner employees, can provoke get a full discharge from his constituency to serve the breadwinner , noting that the Commission had begun a year ago, received the breadwinner salaries transactions, which disclosed that the number exceeded even the seven now thousands Advanced, stressing the continuation of the process of assuming the transaction includes all types of disability , whether congenital or to the victims of terrorism, or the result of an accident makes incapacitated person .
He noted the waterfall that committees composed of the Authority and the Ministry of Health is working on the audit of transactions to prevent any fraud or administrative corruption which he said , adding that the ministry and through the project will get the accurate database of the number of disabled people in the country.
He noted that the second phase after the receipt of the transaction and the inclusion of has approval, includes access to census and an accurate database within the second half of the project , which is mid-April next year will start according to the set of the body plan.
he stated that census process which will continue for three months, followed by the issuance of the identities of the body of a breadwinner, as well as coordination of their access to the smart card , as it will open a branch in a special authority by issuing them through a single window summarize all the actions, pointing out that his department had issued uncles to all the departments and institutions of the ministry to facilitate the process for facilities designated employee emptied from his constituency.
and the director of Office of the President with body disabilities and special needs , said that his department is coordinating with the Ministry of Finance in order to take some measures that will this chip support in accordance with the laws in force, including providing necessary to give them the financial amounts soft loans to conduct some business, along with the allocation of 50 billion dinars to the Fund in order to cover all the Authority obligations, Furthermore exempt people with special needs from the incomes of income tax by 10 percent, as well as exemption from taxes and fees for the means of individual and collective transport people with special needs.
He said the body of disability and within their quest to implement the vocabulary of the law, addressed all ministries to allocate five percent of its allocated grades , people with a disability, including all ministries and departments not associated with the Ministry as well as the public sector companies.
He pointed a waterfall that support disabled chip that works in question and his ministry 's measures, including the appointment of an expert sign language to communicate with deaf slice and dumb from reviewers, as well as use it to set up educational sessions and workshops of chips mentioned to simplify audit procedures in addition to answers to their questions and inquiries.