Missan Oil resort to tricks calculations increase the profits of foreign companies

He said a member of the Finance Committee Magda Tamimi, Sunday, for the mistakes of calculation used by the Maysan Oil Company, even more than the profits of foreign companies to get their employees to large incentives, pointing out that it is hosting the Director of Missan Oil Company next Wednesday in the Finance Committee on the matter.
He said al-Tamimi told a news conference in the parliament building and attended by the correspondent / balances News /, "The companies rely on pricing called Policy (Coast Plus) which means that the more expenses Enlarge profit size and thus deliberately to increase their expenditures in order to increase the size of their profits," indicating " the existence of internal controls the company, but it is turning a blind eye because they learned because the staff paid incentives by 33% and the higher corporate profits will take the largest amount of employees. "
He said al-Tamimi said, "There are mathematical tricks employed by Maysan Oil Company until corporate profits increase for the Estphadon employees," indicating "After reading the final accounts for the oil company Missan and holding special field Halfaya licensing rounds discovered serious things from a financial point lead to increase the profits of oil companies compared with a loss of Iraq. "
Tamimi pointed out that the Finance Committee will host the director of Maysan company because of these things next Wednesday.

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