Government of Diwaniya opens to Rafidain Bank on Shinafiyah

2016/06/03 (00:23 pm) - hits: 104 - issue (3614)

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Local government opened in Diwaniyah, the new branch of the Rafidain Bank building, Shinafiyah South-Western Province, and noted that the new branch would end banking transactions without the need to travel to other administrative units, called on the rest of the banks to open branches in the province.

The head of Diwaniyah provincial Council Jubayr Salman al-Jabouri, told the (term), "local Government today opened a new branch of the Rafidain Bank in the Shinafiyah, Southwest province, of providing banking services to all residents of the area, and ease the bank branches in the city center.

He stressed "the need to hand sinks countrymen in their region though, especially after the increase in the proportion of the population and the existence of dozens of governmental departments," returned to "enhance business rates and other banking services in the area."

The associate said the finance portfolio Mohammed Abbas Al-Juburi, told the (term), "building included many Bank banking divisions, the new branch will increase the movement of economic activity in the area, which is one of the remotest regions of the province and other administrative units, and deprived of all banking services".

Al-jubouri said that bills and services of current accounts, savings and certified instruments will be available to the children of the area, in addition to stimulate agriculture, industry and commerce, called on the rest of the commercial banks to open branches in administrative units to facilitate banking transactions completed, citizens without having to bother to travel from one city to another.

And between that "the local Government will allocate land to the beneficiary, and facilitate other banks wishing to open branches execution."
And prepare Diwaniyah (180 km south of Baghdad), the second poorest provinces, according to official statistics issued by the Ministry of planning, where the poverty rate is about 35%, but increased to 45% in the past two years.