Industrialists welcome additional duties on textile and leather products and they "push" for local product

2016/06/03 (00:23 pm) - hits: 178 - issue (3614)
 Baghdad Muhanad Jawad

She was the General company for textile, leather, on Saturday welcomed the decision of the Council of Ministers to impose additional customs fee on imported products, complained of official aversion to national product, except the Iraqi Federation of industries said the decision was a "huge boost" for the industrial sector, the success of public and private sectors in the domestic market coverage and competitive importer.

The Director of media relations at the State company for textile industries and the leather of the Ministry of industry and minerals, Ahmad Khalaf, told the (term), "the Cabinet's decision to levy an additional tariff on imported textile and leather products is a positive step to support the national" product, "one decision they protecting national product".

Khalaf said that "the company has seven factories produce many of the goods are good when the rehabilitation of productive lines and developing other modern", adding that "the company can gradually believes the local market demand of products."

The Director of public relations at the company "company products good acceptance from citizens for their quality and their prices are appropriate compared to the importer," adding, "but the company suffered from the reluctance of the authorities about the product.

For his part, said the head of the Iraqi Federation of industries subeih Saidi told (range), that "the Council of Ministers resolution body industrial demand of Iraqis who have long demanded its 12 years ago, returned to" a strong impetus to support local industries, whether in Government or private ".

"He Saidi opened for import of unsanctioned during the years since 2003, right to the national production and the Iraqi economy, predicting that" you can state company for textile industries and the private sector to cover the local market demand and competition from imported within six months to a year ".

The Cabinet was endorsed during a meeting held on Tuesday (29 March 2016), recommendations of the competent authority in the Ministry of industry and minerals, additional customs fee amounting to 50% of the value of the product imported into Iraq from all origins, for four years.

Recall that a member of the Presidium of the Humam hammoudi, the House welcomed on Wednesday (30th of March 2016), the Government's decision to impose tariffs on imported textile products, while calling for further decisions hold stands "stumbling" to develop the national economy, he stressed the importance of imposing strict laws that limit the import.