Soon .. "al-Shahristani," hosted by the Parliament
03-04-2016 04:00 PM

Revealed to the Parliamentary Integrity Commission, said on Sunday its intention to host the Higher Education Minister Hussein al - Shahristani , who was oil minister in the previous government and the deputy prime minister for energy affairs in the session which was accepted, and anyone who was named in a corruption case oil contracts.

A member of the Commission and its spokesman Adel Nouri in a press statement, said that "the Integrity Commission , the parliamentary committee has been formed to be investigated in this file and give priority to the big importance , " pointing out that "this issue elevate to be organized crime at the international level."

He pointed out that " the Integrity Committee will hold a series of meetings with the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary for the purpose of investigating the case, which will be hosted al - Shahristani , and all those named in the case."

He called Nuri "Whoever has the information and documents about this case to provide the Committee with to get to the truth."