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Banks receive thousands of Egyptians for the disbursement of remittances yellow

2012-03-24 11:37:18

BAGHDAD (Iba) / follow / .. saw several banks operating in the Egyptian market, it is to pay the dues of the Egyptians, who were working in Iraq 22 years ago, (the so-called owners of remittances yellow), very busy weekend, with a turnout of thousands of Egyptians to ask for disbursement procedures.

And competing for the citizens of the provinces of Upper Egypt, at all branches of banks Ahly of Egypt, and Egypt, and Alexandria, and the Arab African International Bank - Egypt, Cairo and the Rafidain Bank, which has been receiving inquiries owners remittances yellow on Wednesday and Thursday.

Although the government announced that the exchange will be through the nearest branch of the persons entitled to transfers, but the citizens of Upper did not wait for the start of drainage, and the specified day Sunday, and went to Cairo to inquire about the documents required for the speed of completion and ensure the disbursement of the dates that have been announced, which created a crowded heavily on the branches of banks established by the Egyptian Central Exchange.

The director of customer service one of the branches of National Bank, Ashraf Mahmoud, said that a large number of people began arriving at the bank's branches in Cairo since the announcement of procedures, dates of exchange, and although the central bank set on Sunday to start the exchange, according to Okadima transfer, but the fear of citizens of the decisions not to exchange them flocking to the banks to find out the procedures to be completed within a few days to be able to exchange in the early days of the start of exchange.

He Mahmoud that most people who flocked to the bank are not the owners of remittances, but from the heirs of the eligible indigenous, and the problem that the value of transfers a lot of them do not exceed $ 400, and to the actions of the many required by the exchange in the case of the death of the original receivable, many of the people confirmed that they will not unable to complete the procedures or completion of required paperwork.

The Ministry of Manpower in Egypt has announced the need to provide out of assignment, and the passport of the transfer, if the original assignment is missing, or assignment is clearly defined and provide the beneficiary passport inscribed by the conversion, and the image of the passport and a copy of the Seal of the money, the reality of the passport , and the valid national ID card and a copy of the request for exchange, genetics and the media in the case of the death of the beneficiary, with the presence of the heirs or their representatives a formal power of attorney according to the information contained in genetics.

The Central Bank of Egypt select the dates of exchange remittances to observe seniority date of issue, starting from tomorrow, Sunday, and that the dates of exchange will be referred to by the banks, and the nearest residence. Note that the exchange will be after the end of official working hours at banks to avoid the crowds.

The ministry said it will exchange for about 63 thousand beneficiaries in two months, according to seniority transfer during the period from the first of May 1989 until June 30, 1990, while the Central Bank of the division of the dates remittances to 12 stage, and will post the dates of exchange for each phase through the official website of the Ministry of strong labor and the location of the Central Bank.

Essa Al Mahmoud, from the province of Assiut, and came to the Bank of Egypt to ask about procedures for disbursement of transfer to his father who died 14 years ago, many of those who frequented the banks to ask about payment procedures have problems, especially as the most eligible transfers yellow died years ago, and there are transfers to the heirs of more than number of 10 members, of whom also died with the heirs, and therefore will not exchange easily, and might end dates of exchange set by the Ministry of Manpower about two months without completing the required documentation.

He pointed out Jesus to thousands of people, especially in the provinces of Upper and because of crowding on the branches of banks that will exchange them in their provinces and not able to question them, went to Cairo in the hope that there is no traffic in Cairo, but it seems there is no difference between the hustle located in Cairo or the provincial , and on Wednesday and even though I was in front of the bank of eight in the morning but I was not able to question the actions or the required documents, is nearing completion on Thursday, without access to a bank's employees. (end)