Removal of subsidies on gasoline ration card and to ensure the IMF loans as adviser Abadi

Baghdad-Iraq Press -2 April: detecting Iraqi Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Abdul Hussein Al - Anbuge adviser, on Saturday, on the conditions set by the IMF in return for loans to cope with the financial crisis in Iraq , which, he said , "one of them the lifting of government support for the ration card and gasoline. " waved Anbuge lifting of government support for the ration card and gasoline by saying," the requirement introduced by the international Fund is , in fact is part of the reforms that the federal government through which seeks to reduce the economic damage to the country. " he added in a press statement, said that" this matter though it would have an impact socially unacceptable in the Iraqi street that the citizens believe that the ration card is an important source for the sustainability of their lives and to provide minimum nutrition but it is reality killed the Iraqi economy through its negative impact on the demand for local products size ".For as he put it, and is heading the international Monetary Fund to give Iraq a financial loan demand by next June, would allow Baghdad to $ 15 billion in international aid over the next three years, according to a statement of Christian Gooch head of the IMF mission in Iraq Tuesday Almadi.anthy (1)
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