The demands of Moqtada fade ... not only technocrats left of them?!
Dated: Saturday 04/02/2016

(By / Kazem al - Baghdadi) lies and political hypocrisy in Iraq surpassed all expectations because the politician Iraq's debt to them and creatively Anyone who enters their sleeve become like them after all the tragedies that Tgeraha Iraqi politicians of hypocrisy and deceit who came on Israeli tanks and were able to seat of power is with them inside politicians accident support imams misguided traitors Iraqis took the demonstrations of mass let to dissolve the government and parliament and to hold corrupt and reform the judiciary and the formation of a civilian government is far from Islamist parties counterfeit government in which all the blocs and parties that have participated in previous governments do not participate because they have proved their failure exist are those demonstrations with repression, imprisonment, kidnapping and all silent and ignore the oppression and the violation of people 's rights to peaceful protest did not speak or condemn , because the demonstrations that came out in the (13/07/2015) the fact and expel all those who rule the country by ???. after that we went out and Alltaa Moqtada al - Sadr participant in previous governments and all the power and the first supporter of Nuri al - Maliki when he rose up by the people in (2011) , when the anger of the people deadline percent sucked on and then the deadline into force of the monument Jawadr in the provinces and districts What is the proportion of services people seek rulings in your cities , knowing that the people at the time came out to demand services? !!! He received who got suppressed demonstrations in Baghdad and other provinces and were minted Moqtada dilute demands? !! . And after all of that support and strengthen the previous governments issued Moqtada scene through demonstrations and sit - ins, We are encouraged , although he participant in the government , which Anatha corruption has ministries where Although his ministers did not give anything to the people threw down the project (16) item , including the economy and reform the judiciary and the prosecution of corrupt and support agriculture Air etc of the points would have been in the points technocrat government led by al - Abadi independent party ?? !! He called and gave 45 days to implement the demands of the project , or as he calls friends politicians ignore it yesterday 's enemies today !! And he remained talking and threatening and pretending and marching was felt involvement Vtmiat demands that only demand was left of them is reluctant government technocrats ?? !! Iraq was the solution is techno Hippocrates government led by al - Abadi partisan and gentle wisdom in those chosen by the Sadrist movement belongs to the government or the al - Abadi ask the parties to choose ministers Techno Hippocrates ??? !!!!!!!!! finally say Is Muqtada will prove to technocrats or he will resign and save face in front of the people and the followers of his movements and political teens and to engage in the largest of its size that a youngster before when supporting the al - Maliki , a maze and they say that he (Krt Mlanh) or that al - Maliki has files on his ministers and knows their corruption , but in the other afraid to be theatrical hero Muqtada to absorb the anger of the street from the austerity or government failure to provide services or to cover up the original demonstrations and Tmiaha and dilute their demands in the formation of a civil state which does not share the parties and blocs, including Muqtada al - mass resolving sectarian parliament or to cover up the crimes that take place in Fallujah