THE ORDER US to accept the new Minister of Foreign Affairs!
Dated: Saturday 04/02/2016 14:16

A source close to the US embassy in Baghdad , the latest is that it is quick to nominate Ali Bin Al Hussein , the new Minister of the Iraqi foreign minister .
He announced the prime minister 's office said the prime minister Haider al - Abadi, received on Friday a phone call from US Vice President Joe Biden discussed the political and security developments in Iraq.
According to a statement of the Office of the agency it has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that Abadi and Biden discussed the dial in "positive developments on the political and security front , Iraqi forces and progress in the fronts of confrontation against Daash gangs and terrorist preparations are under way to complete the liberation of all of Iraq 's land and restore the displaced . "
Biden renewed according to the statement , " US support for Iraq on all levels. "
the statement added," They also reviewed the importance of providing the required political stability to rally international support for plans for economic reform and overcome financial challenges and the ability of the prime minister to lead the country to safety. "
the the White House announced Friday that Biden assured Ebadi US support for the efforts of political reform in Iraq. "
He said the White House that Biden also stressed during a telephone conversation with al - Abadi on" the utmost importance to continue the momentum in the fight against al Daash and discussed with him continuing to support American efforts Iraqi security forces