[Where] decision to publish the text of the final accounts for 2007 budget
[Oan- Baghdad]
published by all of Iraq [where] the text of the decision of the final accounts for the financial budget for 2007 approved by the House of Representatives on Saturday after a delay of 9 years.
According to the provisions of subsection [first] of Article 62 of the Constitution and the item [III] of Article [31] of the Rules of Procedure of the Iraqi Council of Representatives and the law Almoisnhamh Federal for the year [2007] For the purpose of approval of the final accounts for the year [2007] was issued following decision:
Article [ 1]:
results of the implementation of the general budget of the Federal
First / revenue
shall state departments funded revenues centrally estimated at [42.064] billion dinars [forty - two trillion and sixty - four billion dinars. (
b ) actual revenues reached an amount of $ [54.965] billion dinars [fifty - four trillion nine hundred and sixty - five billion dinars. (
c ) by comparing the estimated income with actual income turns out that the actual revenues have increased by [30%] of the estimated income due Asaralinvt for their rates rise during the year and the adoption of the budget on oil as a source of revenue essential.
Second / expenditure
A. estimated the federal budget allocations with the revised allocations amounted to $ [53.672] billion dinars [fifty - three trillion six hundred and seventy - two billion dinars. (
b ) Total actual spending and operational investment Moisntin reached [39.308] billion dinars [thirty - nine trillion, three hundred and eight billion dinars ], as follows:
1-spending operational Alflallmoisnh was $ [32,720] Mlyardinar [thirty - two trillion seven hundred and twenty billion dinars] , which represents the percentage [37%] of the estimated the budget.
2. The actual spending of the investment budget an amount of [6588] billion dinars [six trillion five hundred and eighty - eight billion dinars] , which represents [44%] of the budget discretion.
3. by comparing the actual expenditure with the estimated expenditure prove the existence of an exaggeration to increase allocations on the one hand and on the existence of obvious weakness to benefit from the allocations established for the execution of the projects sanctioned .
Third / calculate the result:
showed the final account which represents the difference between actual revenues and actual expenditures surplus of [15 377] billion dinars [fifteen trillion, three hundred and seventy - seven Mlyardinar, and it does not represent a real surplus for the existence amounts advances granted and which did not fall within the spending.
Fourthly / advances
amounted to advances that have been awarded up to 31/12/2007 amount of $ [32.422] billion dinars [thirty - two trillion and four hundred and twenty - two billion dinars] has been awarded as follows:
A- cash advances outside customization: were awarded by decisions of the Council of Ministers reached [ 5522] billion dinars [five trillion five hundred and twenty - two Mlyardinar] which is a financial offense borne by the Council of Ministers. (
b ) cash advances within customization:
cash advances granted within the year [20.998] billion dinars [twenty trillion nine hundred and ninety - eight billion dinars on the Ministry of financial settlement of these advances.
c-ancestor development Fund for Iraq: the
need to settle amounts transferred from an account development Fund for Iraq to the sub - account open on behalf of the Iraqi Central Bank, amounting to [5902] billion dinars [five Trliunutssamaih and two billion dinars] to calculate military sales [FMS] each from the ministries of defense, interior and justice.
Article [2]:
the spending units , including the Kurdistan region to address the reservations and observations contained in the Audit Court No. report [4462 in 14/4/2010] during a maximum period [120] days from the date of the decision and otherwise the Council of Representatives to refer the Audit Court 's report to the competent investigative and judicial authority necessary to hold.
Article [3]:
the Ministry of Finance control spending units and prevent them from overtaking on the specific public budget of the Federal and the follow - up to extinguish the customizations all advances suspended from previous years and to ensure the integrity of financial transactions for units spending.
Article [4]:
ratification of the final account of the Republic of Iraq for the year 2007 , taking into account the provisions of the observations and reservations contained in the Office of financial supervision Federal report above - mentioned, especially the paragraphs contained in the summary of opinion.
Article [5]:
publish final accounts for the year 2007 official Gazette based on the text of Article ( 8 ) of section 11 of the financial administration Act , public debt No. [95] for the year 2004. the
article [6]:
the Federal Council of Ministers follow up the implementation of this decision.
Article [7]:
implement this decision date of its publication in the official Gazette. http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=34526