Shahristani renewed his denial of involvement in the corruption of the oil contracts
[Oan- Baghdad]
new Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research , Hussain al - Shahristani, his denial of involvement Brhy and processes of corruption in oil contracts and rounds licenses with the oil companies when he was oil minister and deputy prime minister for energy affairs in the governments of former Prime Minister Nuri al - Maliki [2006 - 2014].
Shahristani said at a press conference held at the Ministry Building on Saturday " I do not have any direct or indirect link with the names that were mentioned in the press reports and the oldest of my accounts annually to the Integrity Commission."
He added, " The Online Oil Corporation secondary and we do not have any contract with them and we contract with international companies they come secondary companies to provide other things, "he said . " I do not know of any employee of the names that were mentioned period, the newspaper familiar with the e - mails between Basil surgeon and Ahmed al - Jubouri , and I'm not familiar with, even if the company 's driving force was a bribe to someone else. "
He called al - Shahristani, the newspaper to" provide Iraqi government information, also called on the government to open an investigation on this issue and restore public money to the people. "
declared former oil minister that he intends" to sue the newspaper for being accused of corruption , "stressing" the need to investigate this matter and to uncover in front of the Iraqi people. "
Shahristani was denied yesterday such reports of his involvement Brhy and decades of corruption in licensing rounds and demanded " the prime minister and the integrity Commission and the Ministry of oil to open an investigation of the allegations , the statement of facts in front of the Iraqi people and expose corrupt people in these contracts , if any."
the investigation investigative detect [ the biggest bribe] the world has seen in a historical scandal Iraq , which like the scene of this corruption under the oil contracts cover included senior Iraqi officials level.
He noted the investigation conducted locations "Fbervaks Media" and "Haventgon Post , " and the publication last Wednesday March 30 / March, a number of high - profile in Iraq that are directly related to these names the scandal.
Among the most prominent of these figures and the Higher Education Minister Hussein al - Shahristani, who was oil minister in the previous government and the deputy prime minister for energy affairs in the session before.
as has been stated the names of each of Abdul Karim and coffee, oil minister in the previous government, and Jafar al - Musawi, Director South oil company, and Kifah Numan , who took over as South oil Director - era oil minister Thamer Ghadhban, and Uday Qurashi , a senior official at the South oil company.
also ask Basil surgeon 's name , which is the link between the Iraqi officials and the company "unaoil" oil , which is owned by Iranian Ehsani Atta, based in Monaca.
the face of the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, on Saturday, the integrity Commission and eliminate the immediate prosecution of senior officials accused of contracts , corruption in the oil.
a statement by his office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that Abadi " the face of the integrity Commission to take legal action and it calls on the judiciary to carry out prosecutions concerning immediate serious investigative journalism by Fairfax Media] and [Hovingtin Post] which revealed the involvement of senior Iraqi officials in the state in corrupt deals and kickbacks related to oil contracts during the period of the previous governments. "