Governor of Babylon: the province is unable to pay the wages of service workers
Saturday April 2, 2016
assured the governor of Babylon Sadiq meaning Royal, Saturday, that his province complain about the most basic services, noting that Babylon "powerless" to pay the wages of service workers. He said Royal in an interview with Alsumaria's News, "It has direct by an ad hoc committee set up by the province of specialists, academics and planning Commission Diwan of the province to prepare a comprehensive study of all provincial institutions to expand imports. " said Sultani, that" the province complaining of the simplest services, rather than to think about the development of services and the establishment of projects that serve the province remained unable to pay the wages of service workers. "
He said Royal, that " the province held a lengthy meeting with conservative circles to discuss how to expand the imports of each department for the advancement of their betterment and deteriorating, and we agreed to set up a workshop run by academics for two days about how to wage the service are met for the imports of each department to maintain." The province of Babylon announced , in (March 2016 27) for stopping the implementation of the ten projects under way in the electricity sector, attributed the reason for it not to have sufficient funds for the completion of those projects.