Abadi directed to prosecute officials involved corruption and bribes in the oil contracts judicially
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} face of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, the Integrity Commission and the Supreme Judicial Council to prosecute officials who revealed the involvement in corruption deals, bribes and oil contracts.
A statement by his office, the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of the Abadi " the face of the Integrity Commission to take legal action and calls for the judiciary to carry out prosecutions spot about serious by {Fairfax Media} and {Hovingtin Post investigative journalism} which revealed the involvement of senior Iraqi officials in the state in corrupt deals and kickbacks related to oil contracts during the period of the previous governments. "
the media have published an investigation investigative largest bribe the world has witnessed in Iraq 's historic scandal which such an arena for this corruption under the oil contracts cover included senior Iraqi officials level.
He noted the investigation conducted locations {Fbervaks Media} and {Haventgon Post}, and the dissemination of Wednesday, March 30 / March, a number of prominent names in Iraq that are directly related to this scandal.
It is highlighted by Higher Education Minister Hussein al - Shahristani, who was oil minister in the previous government, Deputy Prime Minister for energy in the session before.
also mentioned the names of each of Abdul Karim and coffee, Iraq 's oil minister in the previous government, and Jafar al - Musawi, the South oil company director, and Kifah Numan , who took over as South oil Director - era oil minister Thamer Ghadhban, and Uday al - Qurashi , one official adults in the southern oil Company.
also ask Basil surgeon 's name , which is the link between the Iraqi officials and the company "unaoil" oil , which is owned by the Iranian Ehsani Atta, based in Monaca.
company 's role was to be contacted major oil companies across the world to ensure that contracts for them in the Iraqi oil fields across the network worked on the establishment of the Iranian company through Basil Jarrah, an Iraqi resident abroad and has extensive relationships with characters that glanced harmlessly off the power in Iraq following the US invasion in 2003. the
investigation explains how contracts for the sale of Iraqi and tenders of oil to major companies by the surgeon and the Iranian company, referring to the it is through his weave wide and complex network of communication within the oil Ministry.
millions of dollars spent in bribes to Iraqi officials during the period between 2005 to 2014, some of which went directly to the al - Shahristani and coffee, in addition to bribes paid directly by the surgeon and the Iranian company to smaller officials.
One of the contracts that the company has expanded it is the signing of a contract the company "Hewanda" where the Iranian company offered a "Hewanda" to pay $ 7 million if they wish to obtain the contract, worth $ 100 million, which is the thrust of a presentation by the surgeon to the Iranian company In order to address the company "Hyundai".
bribes amounting to $ 7 million will go partly to al - Shahristani, and the other part to the person named Ahmed al - Jubouri , was apparently a link between the surgeon and al - Shahristani.
In one of the messages the surgeon confirms that al - Jubouri approved the sum of US $ million , compared to ensure the victory of Petrofac company and "SBM" Dutch holding Garraf fields.
also, in 2010 and 2011 and approved by the surgeon to pay $ 20 million for Jabouri for that to influence Shahristani Allaibi seeks to persuade them to grant a stake in the pipeline project for Leighton Maritime Corporation, a contract worth about $ 200 million.
in 2011 , the Iranian company paid the biggest bribe in history, worth $ 16 million to win the support of al - Shahristani , in order to get a hold of the pipeline is estimated at $ 600 million Dolar.anthy http://alforatnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=113071