Israeli Report: Iraqi forces began withdrawing from areas dominated by south of Mosul
Saturday 02-04-2016

Twilight News / caused a political crisis in Iraq, with the change of government because of corruption scandals, in blocking the fateful battle to recover the city of Mosul, controlled by the organization "Daash" since 2014.

The newspaper "Haaretz", that the breadth of corruption in Iraq and the budget problems make it difficult for the Iraqi government funding for the war against the "Daash" in Mosul.

The paper that the Iraqi army, though he has achieved small victories in southern Mosul, but the battle seems to have stopped. During the last week of Iraqi soldiers, fled the village after hours of control at a time when troops began to withdraw from areas where it was controlled near Mosul.

The newspaper pointed out that there is a large complex political scene in Iraq, which affect the progress of the operation in Mosul, although the ambitions of everyone that the reshuffle will uproot corruption, but behind every major politician in Iraq stands ethnic group and the movement, which could further complicate the situation .