Economy: businessmen asking projects to develop Iraq's economy

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The parliamentary Economic Committee, revealed Saturday, they promised a number of Iraqi businessmen in Jordan opened the door for them to develop the Iraqi economy after the implementation of government reforms, arguing that recent talks with Oman will promote the economy of Iraq.

Committee Member said Hareth al-Harthi l/scales news that "recent economic talks held in the Jordanian capital, Oman will restart bilateral relations between countries in Arabic promoting redevelopment of much of the infrastructure".

Harthi added that "in addition, there are Iraqi businessmen in Jordan put the Iraqi economic sector support project through investment based on their budget estimated at $ 22 million through open partnerships with global companies."

We "aowdna business that will open the door for them to contribute in opening up new prospects for the development of the Iraqi economy after the implementation of reforms and reshuffle process to create new harmony."

Oman, Jordan reportedly experienced last weekend series talks between Iraq and the IMF experts, to review the Fund's staff monitoring program of economic and financial policies for Iraq and to maximize revenue and reduce unnecessary overheads. All over
From: Ahmed zemim