MP Nawaf Saud al - Jarba: the need to vote on the new cabinet reshuffle , if adopted technocrats

2016-04-02 02:04:02 | (Voice of Iraq) - Statement

He said the secretary - general of Iraq 's renaissance and peace MP Sheikh Nawaf Saud al - Jarba need to adopt a new ministerial cabin on technocrats, and must meet the aspiration of the people desired change, calling on all political blocs to vote on them if it proves that it meets the ambitious Iraqis.

Said Sheikh Jarba in a statement issued by his press office that " the cabinet reshuffle is the first step and the task in the reform process and the fight against corruption and an end to sag in state institutions, the fact that the ministries are the main pillar in the executive branch, and choose competent ministers were able to their ministries administration according to professional competence, integrity and stay away from quotas will impact heavily on the tender of their ministries and therefore the citizen shall feel the change demanded by own reality for the advancement in various fields. "

" The parliament will discuss the ministerial cabin provided by the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi , and if the efficiency and integrity of the minister show that he has voluntarily on the basis of technocrats , we call on all parties to vote to ratify the cabin For the benefit of the country."

Information Office of the Deputy Sheikh Nawaf Saud al - Jarba