Mr. Qabbanji calls for Parliament to take a courageous stand and offer his vision of reform

{Najaf: Euphrates News} called the imam of Juma Najaf Mr. Sadruddin Qabbanji, the House of Representatives to take a courageous stand to push for reform, offering his vision away from the partisan accounts.
Mr. Qabbanji said during Friday prayers in the major Hosseinieh Fatimid in Najaf, and was attended by the correspondent of the agency {Euphrates News} that " the first step of reform drove Iraq from the throes of a difficult, dark cloud," in advance thanks to all the political leaders who have helped out of the political crisis , " calling to continue to move the reform first steps to include the rest of the ministers, general managers, and independent bodies. "
He called on the House to take a courageous stand to move towards reform, offering his vision as a representative of the people away from the balances and accounts partisan.
Mr. Qabbanji promised his Prime Minister of the pack reform is a litmus test, stressing the need to be serious reforms, not cosmetic.
Mr. Qabbanji Turning to edit cities operations of gangs Daash terrorist, stressing the need to clamp down on Daash after the breakthrough of the political crisis, calling for security leaders to {fulfill their promises to eliminate Daash during this year}, praising their efforts in progress and the liberalization of many of the usurped territories, and the liberalization of the Heat and the return of displaced people in many of the liberated areas.
in another context, Mr. Qabbanji students congratulated on the occasion of their graduation, noting they deserve recognition and thanks for their efforts, criticizing the establishment of forums out is committed away from moral values in some universities, stressing that "holding forums is a good thing but we must not be an evil, and that the move away from porn, bypassing the rights of others."
He added that "universities and Mayaha responsible for allowing the establishment of graduation ceremonies are responsible, not the parties are not moral ". Ended h