Who are the candidates in a variety of ministerial Abadi .. and what are their resumes?


Thursday , 31st March 2016

Has unanimously and differences and reached a political crisis and warnings of a Shiite-Shiite collision, Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi resolving placed changes in government formation , and presented to the Iraqi parliament list of ministers said they technocrats.

The list included Abadi , 13 , a name with the survival of the position of the Ministry of Trade and Industry vacant, while Astty the posts of interior and defense of the change because of the security situation in the country.

The list included merging several ministries.

The move gave Abadi ball Plumab the House of Representatives, which should give a formal opinion after ten and here we offer biographies own for most of the candidates , which included some of the list handed over by the leader Moqtada al - Sadr over the special committee.

1. Ali Saleh al - Jubouri - Education .. dean of the University of Salahuddin past.

2. Hassan al - Janabi - Agriculture and Water Resources. _khasaia Resources , water resources, environment and reclamation projects , agricultural and hydrological science and international water laws and information systems. And Iraq 's ambassador to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations / FAO.

3 for sale . Akil Mahdi crows - youth, culture and tourism. Theater critic, Ph.D. Theater Science of the Higher Institute of Theatrical Arts / Sofia / Bulgaria in 1982. Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts earlier.

4 for sale . Hoshyar faithful messenger - Reconstruction and Housing and municipalities

5. Nizar Mohammed Salem Al Noman - oil

6. Yusuf Ali Asadi - transfer

7. Ali Abdel Amir Allawi - financial planning .. It is the Minister of Commerce and Defense in the government of the Iraqi Governing Council and the first finance minister in the interim Iraqi government in 2005 , a relative of the family of the late National Congress leader Ahmad Chalabi.

8. Abdul Razzaq al - Issa - higher education. President of the University of Kufa , the previous

9. Sharif Ali Bin Al - Hussein - Foreign Affairs. Cousin , King Faisal II , last king of Iraq , and his father , King Hussein bin Ali , Dean of the Hashemites completed his secondary education in Beirut and university in London and founded the Royal Constitutional Movement, he returned to Iraq after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein 's regime after more than thirty years in exile.

10. Mohammed Hussein Nasrallah - Justice. A judge and head of the resumption of Muthanna Court

11. Alaa Disher Zamel - electricity .. held various responsibilities of directorates and ministries of electricity succeeding in Iraq.

12 for sale . Wafa Jaffar Amin James Baldwin - labor and immigration. Researcher and PhD jurisdiction of developmental plans / Mustansiriya University.

13. Needless Alaa Hussein Mubarak - health. Dean of the Faculty of Medicine / University of Mesopotamia

14. Vacant - Trade and Industry