Airline Iraq and the international coalition bombed targets elected to Daash in a number of areas

BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - April 1 / April: the Iraqi aviation and the international coalition bombing sites to organize "Daash" terrorist in "Heat" Anbar and Sharqat Salahuddin and Hawija in Kirkuk and Mosul , Nineveh, killing dozens of terrorists and the destruction of weapons and military equipment to organize stores.

The military media cell in a statement that "based on the information and the National Security Agency and federal intelligence, destroyed Aviation Iraqi Air Force depot of weapons and gear to Daash; killed 20 terrorists in the city of Mosul Ghazlani region in the province of Nineveh , northern Iraq.

Air Force also destroyed a warehouse for weapons north of "Heat" area and killed nine terrorists, also targeted another raid tunnels organization in "Heat" train station, resulted in the destruction and killing insurgents who were inside, and attacked Iraqi aircraft on a weapons stores to Daash in the village of Salman to spend Sharqat in Salahuddin province , it was completely destroyed.

The military cell to the media that the international coalition aircraft destroyed, according to information from the National Intelligence Service, weapons depot Daash, killing five terr
orists were holed up in the district of Hawija , southwest of Kirkuk in northern Iraq

The Iraqi forces have announced, on Thursday, begin editing the district of "Heat" process of Anbar province in western Iraq from the grip of the organization (Daash) terrorist, with support from the army aviation and air force Iraq and the international coalition. Q ended