Abadi cabinet reshuffle is part of a comprehensive reform program

Baghdad -arac Press -1 April: The prime minister Haider al-Abadi, said the cabinet reshuffle made by the House of Representatives, in a hearing Thursday, is part of a comprehensive reform program, while our people praised as "the will of the Iraqi people to achieve reforms."

Ebadi said in a statement his office, on Thursday evening, "We have proved our Iraqi Aziz once again the power of his will and determination and ability to its crises management successfully and achieve the reforms and victories, and stressed the depth of the prevailing relationship between citizens and demonstrators and security forces, and this cohesion was a victory for all of us."

He added, "The ministerial change that we have presented today to the House of Representatives and the political blocs is part of a comprehensive reform program that responds to the aspirations of our people, which included reducing its cabinet of 22 ministries into 16 ministries and the nomination of 14 ministers while retaining the ministries of defense and interior for reasons of security and continuing the war Daash against. "

The al-Abadi, said that "the positions of our people and their political forces formed a new impetus to sustain the victories of our heroine and the liberalization of the remaining of the cities, and we renew our covenant Aziz for our people to proceed with the process of reform and change and the fight against corruption."

It committed the House of Representatives, at Thursday's meeting, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to provide a comprehensive reshuffle within 10 days, the same period set by Parliament to study the biographies of the candidates for 14 of the Ministry out of 16 in the new government formation provided by Abadi started.

Parliament also committed Prime Minister duration of one month to make a complete overhaul program includes independent bodies and leaders of security and an end to the ministries proxy administration. Ended (1)