Abadi speech before the House of Representatives today
Thu, 31 Mar 2016 16:38:22

Observer news / Baghdad

In a defining moment of the history of our beloved country, I stand before you, the oldest on the path of comprehensive reforms, cabinet reshuffle, in response to the requirements of the difficult stage faced by Iraq.

After a year and a half on the age of the current cabinet got many variables, our heroes were able to children of armed forces and security forces and the men of the popular crowd and Peshmerga fighters and sons of the tribes of defeat Daash and its lackeys and we became just around the corner from the expeditious victory ..

Fethiye each fighter and the spirit of peace on every martyr.

We have a task files to edit Mosul and Taza and all the usurped territories and the liberation of our people in Fallujah and Ramadi, west areas and reconstruction of Sinjar and end the suffering of the displaced people who cherishes us their survival inside the tents.

With the registration of the promise of liberating the land, we faced a severe financial crisis with the collapse of oil prices, and the large decline in state
revenues, with the perpetuation of the battle momentum requires the mobilization of human and material potentials great, and we became about that need to re-prioritize our government program, and the adoption of a significant reduction in spending policy consumer,

Taking care to keep the services provided by the government to citizens at acceptable limits, and our determination to proceed with the government program, which we adopted necessitated the launch packages of reforms, and over the last period Nasr we were to reduce the privileges, and to activate the productive sectors, and encourage the private sector.

We have found in spite of the good efforts that ministers made in general, that there is slower in processing times and omission of what has been reached from the policies at other times and Rcn to the traditions of the work was for some senior leadership and middle in some ministries negative effect hampered the movement of the desired reform.

Dear brothers and sisters

Offer you a day full ministerial lineup and not a partial implementation of the Matahdna done to our people, and the House of Representatives to accept or reject or modify that, most of the masses did not field candidates, and the selection is made up of sixteen Ministry with the integration and feminine ministries and we wanted to respect the ingredients and excluded from the change of the Ministries defense and internal security considerations and the continuing war against terrorism, and I call for further cooperation and work in a spirit of partnership and the completion of necessary legislation to implement the reforms,
And I know that some want to arrive the country to a standstill and the collapse but I will not allow it.

We offer today's list of candidates to take over the ministries administration who were selected on professional grounds, competence and integrity and leadership capacity in the light of the presented document the comprehensive reforms which had been prepared with the advice of a number of international development organizations, it provides the Committee of Experts, which we formed of the finest group of senior academics and professionals in the country, the number of CVs of the candidates have been evaluated in accordance with the standards of objectivity and personal capabilities.

As we get the job done in the selection of candidates for the ministries, we stress the importance of cooperation and work in a spirit of partnership and the team share, and we find it necessary to note that we are to proceed with the process of reforms in the restructuring of the state, are determined to reduce the number of ministries and included some of them to the other in the light of the homogeneity of competence and integration on one side, and because of the transfer of the powers of many ministries to local governments to implement the law of the provinces and promote decentralized management on the other.

Therefore we have given in the selection we offer now manage tasks such as those ministries to the ministers closest to the terms of reference in the hope of completing the integration of the candidate for the ministries after treatment process and the legislative process requirements.

Dear brothers and sisters

An extension of the new ministerial formation, and the guidance of the rationale for the change itself will work to complete the page naming heads of independent bodies to complement the upper loop responsibilities in the state administration, and we hope to achieve this within two weeks with the help of God.

As we will begin after receipt of the Minister of their responsibilities directly install or choose deputy ministers, advisers and general managers on according to the criteria and mechanisms contained in the document comprehensive reform measures, departing the quota approach, which has become and rejected, even for Fezth the will of one people on the impact of what dragged this approach to tip the competencies and a large drop in performance.

While we're excited for what you got from the support of broad popular and support, we emphasize that the episode, which is no less important for the cabinet reshuffle and other sites, is the anti-corruption Taking feel the weight of responsibility to confront this scourge, we are confident that with your support and the support of our people in detecting deposits of corruption and tricks and not to cover up the corrupt has been our intention to proceed with the fight against corruption through Trasna directly to the Supreme Council for the fight against corruption, and we started important steps on the path to activate functions ..

And our response to a number of related wasting public money issues, Baltlku in completing a number of projects, and monitoring and control of balances officials and resolve the outstanding issues related as well as an emphasis on the competent bodies to open major corruption files, and ensure the independence of regulatory bodies, and push it into any interventions, and in this area, we shall pay special attention to resolve detainees and detainees files unfair.

Dear brothers and sisters

If the start of the new cabinet line-up we will ask the ministers to prepare their plans files in light of the government program that has been adapted and re-priority Ptoukitat minutes of time depending on the variables that we have mentioned.

We declare in this area, the government will be submitted to your esteemed quarterly report on the level of achievement earned or failure of person, and we will request pursuant to the principle of accountability and transparency exemption does not prove his ability on his ministry's department of ministers or other levels of leadership, and will sign the ministers and other officials on the Code of Conduct Career contained in a document the comprehensive reforms of acknowledgment of everyone to respect the covenant broken before God and the people.

Dear brothers and sisters

Ministerial cabin will be in front of their responsibilities as we adopted the reforms, especially the strategies, policies and procedures that were prepared to support various sectors, including the private sector in various fields, particularly the activation of lending mechanisms and the payment of dues to the state institutions, and we will take during the first few weeks serious and decisive steps to ensure the success of these trends.

We are determined to restore stability in the liberated areas and to ensure the return of displaced persons to and end their suffering, and we have a comprehensive plan we are carrying out with the donor countries and the United Nations is based on two activities are important first; urgent projects and immediate measures to restore stability and the second; the reconstruction of areas affected by the destruction and terrorism, and we are working actively on hold a major international conference in this direction.

The important achievements of our government have led to overcome the risks of financial collapse until we were able to fulfill their obligations on big government and in the forefront of the battle sustain momentum and achieve victories and payment of salaries and wages to employees of the state ..
Which requires us to assess the efforts that have been made, confirming once again that the transition to a government of technocrats dictated by the specificity of the stage.

We promise to God and religious good reference on our service and implement their aspirations for reform and change, and that was fine for follow-up and advised her to good governance and the continued backing continuous them to achieve the interests of the citizens and the higher interest and support for what we do in the reforms and the fight against corruption and no attribution scored, therefore, which has had a profound impact in the adoption of curriculum reform and insist on him.

The Promise sons of our dear people in all parts of Iraq to proceed with the implementation of the government program and policy reform, and will continue to be the national mobility an effective element in the completion of the above, expressing high appreciation for the discipline, which demonstrated its masses pro-reform, was accurate guidance of the leaders of this movement led by Muqtada al Sadr, the effect of making it a peaceful civilization, and I thank the great efforts of the security forces in maintaining the security of citizens and demonstrators.

The oldest file to your esteemed names of candidates for ministerial positions and their resumes for review and set a date to vote on them. We ask God to help us all to serve our beloved country and our people Aziz ..
Peace, mercy and blessings of God.