Industry: 2016 in relying on local product to activate the private sector

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The balance of news

A spokesman for the industry Ministry Abdul wahed Al-shammari, Thursday, to 2016 will be in relying on local product Iraq, noted the adoption of private sector companies in the Ministry.

Al-shammari said/the balance of news, "the Ministry of industry had adopted through its reform agenda to be private-sector-oriented genuine and comprehensive guide to all the joints of the production that relies", stating that "the private sector has become an important and vital supplement in the Ministry of industry and minerals companies.

It was considered that "private companies of task in meeting the requirements of local product", adding that "a contract was signed with the Iraqi Federation of industries, which include small and medium-sized enterprises in order to activate this parameter.

He noted that "domestic product returned in 2016", adding that "private companies must have produced real competing foreign importer upheavals due to the fact that Iraq has become a mere consumer market for many goods entering the goods it distracted too much money".

He continued, "the recently launched many national product", pointing to "a real moves to protect national products when it is unable to compete with foreign and local markets."

He called that "there are laws that protect the local product, likely to be 2016, relying on local product Iraq."

From: HP Noureddine