Clans reaffirms its support for the steps the chest and calls for a "radical change"

| (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad , said the elders and leaders of tribal, Wednesday, their solidarity with the "reform project" to cleric Moqtada al - Sadr, and while underlining the need for a comprehensive and radical change, calls for the adoption of a "Hla gouge" in the removal of all ministers and ambassadors from The current government. The representative of the western region, Arif Moukheiber Alwani, during a tribal conference, which was held at the headquarters of the political body of the Sadrist movement, he was "good at the invitation of the Sadrist movement, attended the day, a gathering of tribal leaders for the purpose of solidarity and deliver a good message to Mr. Muqtada al - Sadr, on his reformist and emphasize our support for him and move him forward. " for his part, Secretary General of the families of the Goat in Iraq, Saad Abbas, said : " Our meeting today with the political body of the Sadrist movement, saw the discussion of reform programs and pressure are more to pass such a comprehensive change in government measures . " noting that " the meeting was centered on the axis of Hla gouge removal of the ambassadors and ministers of the current government and the adoption of young technocrats in the forthcoming ministerial cabin advertised." the Iraqi Council of Representatives voted on Monday, (2016,3,29) to grace the Prime Minister ,, until next Thursday, to provide new ministerial his booth, threatening questioned him in the absence of a government formation during that period. He Abadi, in the (26th March current 2016), expressed the hope that the announcement of the new cabinet reshuffle soon, and confirmed the continuation of work on that understanding with other political blocs, and with the exception of the new government , " a small part of a big anti - reform system include the fight against corruption", some accused of "not wanting to see reforms and trying to cover it up.