Proposals to overcome the financial crisis in the country

3/31/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - The joy of pumice
at a time of financial crisis countries stand out among other measures to overcome these challenges and promote the economy and this is what the government rushed to the support of experienced professionals, as adopted inter reforms backed praised by specialists, while others submitted proposals interrelatedness including the adoption of new laws.

Has praised economist Hamid Hamdani steps to provide support to the private sector for the development of its product quality and quantity of what contributes to move the wheel of the Iraqi economy.

Among »Sabah» that the private sector plays a vital role in the operation of the unemployed, led by graduates of universities and institutes in the financial and real estate, commercial, industrial, agricultural, service and tourism and the various branches of its investments small and medium industries.

He said al - Hamdani , the importance of the continued support of this sector as a sector producing goods and services essential and complementary to the citizen 's life by granting soft loans and providing fuel at subsidized prices, especially after the activation of the tariff laws, and other economic laws that support the wheel of the national economy. However , he cautioned that employment is « a few» currently in this sector, as they are suffering from a shortage of funds, so called for continued development and support of the private sector to keep pace with its counterpart in the world. As part of proposals aimed at promoting development in the country, urged the specialists group , including expert Mahmoud Alloush the adoption of new laws, including special legislation for infrastructure, especially that many job offers, and supports the reconstruction of service and development projects in the country.

Alloush said in a statement » Sabah », that« the adoption of such a law includes a huge investment projects to serve the country as a solution during the financial crisis faced due to lower selling prices of crude oil in the global markets, especially as the payment of the funds are in such laws on credit ».

He predicted expert that in the event was approved Thus the law it will save nearly a million jobs and operates dozens of laboratories and factories and stir wheel construction and reconstruction in Iraq.