Hadithi [in]: the nomination of two per bag at the Ministerial change [extended]


[In Baghdad]
Spokesman of the Office of the Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, nominating two per bag in cabinet reshuffle due to be submitted to Parliament on Thursday.

Saad Al-Hadithi said each agency in Iraq, that "the Committee of experts at the Cabinet will submit two candidates for each portfolio in Prime Ministerial change but you will choose one or both I can't say this is determined in the end."

He added that "the Ministerial change will also affect a large number of current Ministers and the Prime Minister will be announced tomorrow in Parliament and it will be a change of technocrats and not quotas."

Hadithi stressed that "the list that tomorrow is brought by the Committee after considering all nominations and is far from any political or partisan considerations and submitted to the Prime Minister."

He noted that Abbadi "eager to coordinate with the political blocs that pass the Cabinet changes to be made in Parliament and vote on them", adding that "the Prime Minister stresses that any work and the success achieved by not only harmony and understanding with the masses and therefore Parliament is keen to consult, it gave a great opportunity for the bloc to offer their candidates but failed to cooperate with the cabinet reshuffle was to rely on the experts Committee candidates after merging with other nominations of parliamentary blocs."

And Abadi spokesman that "the Committee of experts adopted their nominations from the Sadrists provided wetrshhiat and small blocks in Parliament for cabinet reshuffle, because most large blocs had not submitted candidates.

"The names of these blocks have been joined to the list of the Committee of experts adopted criteria and filtered, but including a number of names submitted?, this is also can't say it, but all the nominations made were referred to the Committee, subject to the criteria that are determined to be nominated."

Hadithi stressed the "Prime and under to pass these amendments and not blocked in Parliament continued with the blocks and held a meeting with the Presidency of the Chamber of Deputies for the same purpose, and we expect a positive outcome," pointing out that "the parliamentary test of credibility statement passes the Cabinet changes today everyone takes responsibility for overcoming the current crisis and move the country forward."

The Prime Minister's Office announced today that Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi will submit nominees for cabinet reshuffle Thursday to House and display them to vote and vote of confidence.

He said House speaker Salim Al-Juburi Sunday that before Abbadi "two options: they can either provide the required specifications of the cabinet which he deems appropriate for success and crisis or the formation of a Government of technocrats, in case the House is willing to create all conditions for successful reforms."

Parliament gave Abadi to provide his booth the new Government until tomorrow or that he would withdraw his confidence.