Jubouri puts in front of two choices Abadi Ministerial change

Wednesday 30-03-2016 | 1:51:36

Twilight News / put Iraqi Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri on Wednesday in front of the current prime minister Haider al-Abadi Ministerial options for change and so that the front of the latter to carry out the job as he sees fit, or go to the government of "technocrats".

Jubouri said in a press conference building, the House of Representatives, said that "in front of the President of the government two options only two either provide the required specifications of the ministerial lineup as it deems appropriate for success and address crises must when on the political blocs to contribute to the cured and taking them out of the door of the national partnership and responsibility of solidarity, including live up to the aspirations of the masses, or the formation of a government of technocrats comprehensive. "

He said al-Jubouri, said, "In both cases, the House of Representatives are ready to create the appropriate atmosphere for all the success of the reforms."