Source: pressure to raise the call Zebari Shahristani of cabinet reshuffle

The number of visits: 120 Published on: 30/3/2016, 11:06 Published by: Joseph Chandler

A government source revealed the political pressure exerted on the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to raise my name and Ministers of Finance Hoshyar Zebari and Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Hussein al-Shahristani, from the list of cabinet reshuffle expected.

The source said "there is a tendency to raise my name Zebari Shahristani of the nine ministries covered by the ministerial change."

He said the "parties in the coalition of state law and the mass independent press to keep al-Shahristani in his position."

The source pointed out that "the Kurdish blocs refuse to change Zebari, citing that the first change in the reform included a Kurdish leader Rose Nuri Shaways, deputy prime minister in the process of government limbering been without their knowledge as well as the assignment of army chief of staff first team Babbakr Zebari without warning so remained Zebari It is a prominent Kurdish leader in this government. "