Iraq issued the second shipment of gas

The number of visits: 38 Published on: 30/3/2016, 10:49 Published by: Joseph Chandler

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Oil for the gas industry Hamid Younis announced the export of second shipment of gas condensate C5, [natural gasoline] Wednesday morning, days after the first shipment of it in the country's history.

A statement of the Ministry for Younis to say that these quantities are "surplus to the need for Iraq and headed to the port of Fujairah, United Arab Emirates on the airline Cora and quantity of 10,500 cubic meters for the benefit of Klxi international company," stressing that "the continuation of exporting these surpluses sequentially."

The official spokesman for the Oil Ministry, Assem Jihad, said in the statement that "the export of such quantities of condensate opens horizons to ensure extra revenue for the federal treasury as well as the export of crude oil."

He stressed "the success of the ministry plans to invest optimization of gas associated with crude oil extraction operations and the reduction of combustion rates and good proportions operations, as well as to increase Iraq's production of the gas, which amounted quantities Mqmq Day 1100 and which became part of the fill the need for Iraq."

Jihad said "the arrival of the national production of liquid gas 5,000 tons per day, and it is hoped to export quantities of liquid gas in excess of the need for Iraq in the coming period."+

The Oil Ministry has issued on March 20 of this amount 10 000 m3 of gas condensate C5 [natural gasoline] a transverse products from gas investment extracts accompanying used for industrial purposes, and not fuel your dry gas to generate electric power.