The tax system is guaranteed the success of e-government

3/30/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD Shokran Alvlawy- Imad Emirate
Counting academics tax reform process as one of the pillars and columns, the main economic and social reform in all global economies, arguing that the effective tax systems are derived from the instructions that operates, in taking into consideration what is happening from developments outside the tax system.

Said Dr. Mohammed Abbas, president of the University of Mesopotamia in his speech »Sabah» on the sidelines of an economic seminar organized by the University of Mustansiriya that the instructions that are applied during a certain period of time are not feasible in the extended later, noting the need to review and update the tax Anizmomh and on all legislative, accounting and technical levels and the use of modern methods of estimation and involve a tax device in intensive training courses in order to raise efficiency.

Challenges and face problems

Abbas pointed out that the main challenges and problems in front of tax reform are systems and procedures, tax administration and implementation of laws, noting that by virtue of his work as a coordinator with the US Treasury, and the implementation of the objectives of the strategic plan prepared by the Commission in cooperation with the Treasury experts set a goal very important is the transfer of the General Authority for taxes traditional management to the management of electronic pointing out that the activation of the system and work correctly will serve as a fruitful seed to move the work of the Authority and its performance.

He added that the consequences of the application of electronic management is with the help of tax administration to focus on what should be done to raise the efficiency of performance through diversification separate programs and tax administration, such as quality, re-design of the tax measures and the services provided to the taxpayer, or in other words, the body's ability to develop the skills of workers, as well as the speed of decision-making and advise not to mention access to accurate information and keep abreast of new technology to improve performance in terms of planning, organization, management, implementation and monitoring.

Reform and tax evasion

He returned to say that tax reform has to be a financial and economic feasibility of the hand, and a viable and Altnniv artistically and technically the other hand, noting that the tax system in Iraq has seen several amendments from the date of issuance of the first tax code, through the Law 113 of 1982 amended, and the end of the decision 120 of 2002 on the transfer of ownership and resolution 49 of 2004, which subjected whereby public sector salaries to income tax by direct deduction from a government employee's income.

He hinted Abbas that these amendments did not change much from the nature of the tax system, not increased its efficiency and flexibility in the face of financial crises that occur on the country by virtue of the fact that its economy Rieia unilaterally, what taxes are still not commensurate with the size of the entry and revenue ballooned after 2003 on the one hand, and the weakness of tax administration still is dominant by theme as well as the existence of loopholes open the door to evasion or financial corruption as an alternative to him at other times, and he concluded that the tax reform has become an urgent necessity in the coming period in light of the significant decline in oil prices and pressure towards diversifying sources of income and public revenue in the economies of oil-exporting countries in general and in the forefront of Iraq, that the tax reforms take into account the climate of confidence among investors and encourage investment environment, with the need to simplify the tax procedures in the conduct of the reform process by reducing red tape and the use of modern scientific methods in the estimate, which It helps the tax administration to reduce the rate of loss of tax revenue and the tax increase productivity and reduce expenses in general.

The conduct of economic processes

For his part, Professor of Business Economics Dr. Mohammed Salman Abbou in his speech for the «morning» that tax plays an important role in the economic life of any country in the world being the main source of money that you need that State in the conduct of economic operations, pointing to the need to be levied measures be the money accessible and easy in regard to Bdafie that money.

He recommended Abbou importance of supporting tax reform by supporting the GCT scientific cadres accompanied reconsider the legislation and address the suffering of tax loopholes, as well as the importance of the adoption of the unified tax each taxpayer, and the use of scientific techniques and the elimination of the rings routine within the authority figure, and concluded the need to get rid of complexity and tax measures on the routine collection account which impacted negatively on taxpayers and disabled tax role, pointing to the existence of a number of complications in the forefront of how much money and preview.