Bet the private sector

Author: Yasser incumbent

3/30/2016 0:00

Betting a lot of followers and those interested in economic affairs on the great role that could be played by the private sector in the management of the economic file and achieve sustainable development, those based on the visions of economists about the role required, the question is do you bet a loser or winner?

It is noteworthy in several economic studies that sector private and through international experiences have achieved successes in achieving the goal of development in countries that have faced the same difficult circumstances and Ahaha Iraq Overall, economic ones in particular , a Mayanina this specialized.

And find accordingly mounting calls because given the opportunity for the private sector as the savior of the tragic situation experienced by our national economy relying on the world 's experiences in this regard, but let us discuss the subject from another angle regarding the level of private sector performance and achievements during the three years to be the indicator on the health of saying that a successful bet in advance .laashkk the ability of the Iraqi private sector to achieve economic advancement, but we need to real detect achievements during this phase in order to prove to the betting its potential to achieve success, we hear that the experiments were able force their competitors and proved the merit in the local market, but the lights are absent from these achievements of the administrator? .

The problem that the private sector is still looking for support despite the passage of the country severe financial plight of In order for Will you be a peg support crippling the private sector, it is time to prove his ability on the economic file management to achieve development, Alakiv managed some local companies to achieve a level playing field entered the market aptly?

we benefit from the experiences of these successful companies that have not disclosed so far, and here it must be noted that the organizations programs remiss in informing the public on the successful experiences and is acceptable in terms of the number to some extent, in order to be judged on the bet was successful or loser.