Abadi reason to proceed with reforms and calls for the House of Representatives Select position of ministerial cabin

By Ziad al - Haidari

12 minutes ago

Roudao - Erbil

He called on Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Tuesday, to proceed with reforms, an atmosphere of harmony and openness and concern for the supreme interests of the country, and called on the House to clarify recent vote Bamhala until next Thursday to submit his booth in the new cabinet reshuffle.

He said the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in a speech addressed to the Iraqi people and followed up Roudao Media Network, said that "in every detailed timeline emphasize the need for cooperation and take all their responsibilities to reach Iraq and its people to safety, and pay attention primarily to the dangers posed to the country, and to move the path of reform, and that is so in an atmosphere of harmony and understanding, openness and concern for the supreme interests of the country. "

He added Abadi "We started the reform steps for some time and offered an integrated project that includes ten key files about the criteria for selecting the members of the cabinet of technocrats and evaluate the performance of ministries and the fight against corruption and simplify the procedures the government program and packages of reforms in various sectors, in addition to the choice of professionals for distracting senior positions in independent bodies mechanisms and deputy ministers and general managers who meet the required specifications away from the political quota system. "

He continued Abadi, that "our efforts in the fight against corruption going on and it performed an audit and a thorough examination of each of the advantage of position and enriched at the expense of public money and the prosecution of the phenomena of super-rich and impose the force of law reservation and others until the end of the investigations, also includes the protection of judges who stand up to prosecute the corrupt and necessary for the completion of the facilities their job to the fullest. "

Abadi said in his speech, that "the parliament to determine his position as required by the Prime Minister, does he have to submit ministers from the political blocs or outside and whether the recent vote Xi else."